Licit to attend weekly NO Masses with abuses?
(04-23-2009, 10:06 AM)INPEFESS Wrote: This doubt very rarely exists in the Traditional Latin Mass; likewise, the participator does not assume this responsibility. If, however, we knew that a certain priest was treating the Body and Blood of Christ with grave disrespect at a Traditional Latin Mass, which of us would not avoid this priest at all costs for fear of the dangers mentioned above? Further, would our desire to receive grace eliminate the objective doubt of which we were aware?

I think this is a very interesting point.  What traditional Catholic would continue to attend a Latin Mass where the priest began using a glass chalice, for example?  I believe this is forbidden in the NO, actually.  If one went to his local Latin Mass and found people receiving the Host in the hand, would he continue to attend at that parish?  This is allowable in the NO.  What if the priest allowed female altar servers?  This is, apparently, allowable in the NO.  Would all of you traditional Catholics who sometimes attend a NO still attend such a Latin Mass?  I think this is an important question in discovering the root of the licit/illicit issue.  I believe the answer is that no traditional Catholic would ever even consider attending such a Latin Mass, but I could be wrong.  I welcome your comments.

I personally attend a NO, as it is the only Mass available locally.  I have only had the opportunity to attend three Latin Masses.  By and large the extreme abuses are absent in my local diocese.  However, I have seen glass chalices, packs of EMHC's, etc.  I must say that it pains me to see liturgical abuse, even minor things, but I do still think the NO is valid.  I did what Quis suggested above and wrote a letter after seeing what I felt was beyond the pale.  I also moved my family to a new parish because of liturgical abuses.  I would not abandon going to Mass altogether, however, just because of 


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