Licit to attend weekly NO Masses with abuses?
INPEFESS Wrote:my entire chain of reasoning is founded upon the truth: "lex dubia non obligat (a doubtful law does not bind)" which is the teaching of the Church. If one knows there is a likelihood or probability of doubt concerning a sacrament performed, participation thereof is not justified.

From the maxim "lex dubia non <i>obligat,</i>" it follows only that "participation thereof" is not <i>obligatory</i> under those circumstances--not that participation isn't <i>justified,</i> since an action can be justified without being required. But the more important point, set forth in the teaching of St. Thomas quoted above, is that there is seldom, if ever, a real doubt about whether a sacrament is valid. There would be a real doubt only if it were uncertain whether the minister had or had not "expressed" (i.e., made known to the recipient) a contrary intention. Mere conjecture about <i>undisclosed</i> contary intentions would not suffice to create a real doubt.

God bless you!

Don McMaster

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