Licit to attend weekly NO Masses with abuses?
So, McMaster, if an inward intention or lack thereof doesn't matter as long as the proper form and there is no outward lack of intention, please explain the following:

If a priest has 3 hosts on the altar, and he intends to Consecrate 2, only 2 are Consecrated, correct?  Likewise, it may be a practice "Mass" (e.g., to instruct Seminarians) and he will in fact say the words of Consecration with no Consecration taking place because he intends none.

Neither has an outward show of intent, only an inward one, and proper form is used.  By how you are interpreting Aquinas, it seems that these other hosts would be Consecrated even though, AFAIK, they are not.

Please explain 1) If these hosts in my example(s) would be Consecrated or not, and, 2) please explain your answer in light of your interpretation of St. Thomas.

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