Licit to attend weekly NO Masses with abuses?
Well now you're changing your argument.  Of course the NO is doubtfully valid in some cases but then, so are the traditional sacraments of the Church. How do you know, for instance, that the priest isn't whispering "Bread thou art and bread thou shalt remain" during the consecration?  You don't, because you can't hear what he is saying.

If you refer to something as the "true Mass and sacraments" you are implying that Mass and sacraments in any other form are not true.  Do you not understand a basic term like "true?"  You must be more careful in how you word things if you don't want people to misconstrue what you are saying.

As for not responding to your points, I again don't know what to tell you.  The Church is infallible in her discipline.  You may dismiss that as a theological opinion, but it is what it is.  You have your opinion, I have mine.

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