Licit to attend weekly NO Masses with abuses?
I grown up in Hungary in the communist years, when in the whole country only one Church was built in 40 years, planned and financed by an Englishman, who during the war bombed down the Church of that village and later built a new one on the place. For me the new Churches were built during the papacy of Pius XI, who hardly can be considered as modernist.  The reverence toward the blessed Sacrament diminished slowly. The point was the Emmanuel concept, Christ is One of us, and as we are not sacred = set aside, neither He in the Eucharist is entirely different from the earthly life.

Now we are on the other side of the balanced truth, with the total lack of reverence, but this does not mean that to attend a valid but irreverent Mass is worse then omit the obligation to attend valid mass.. The Church approving the New Mass and omitting to excommunicate for the lack of reverence is still the One Saint Catholic and Apostolic Church, and we shall want this unity, until it is a unity.  I don't know how long, and we shall be prepared for the time when the Pope will be outside of this One Saint Catholic and Apostolic Church, but Benedict XVI is inside as the earthly head of it, and his efforts are going to positive direction.


(04-28-2009, 11:26 AM)tradmaverick Wrote: I wouldnt agree there about the first point, the Church clearly sets out what to do in every eventuallity - the solution for your problem there with the New Churches - is to build the Church properly not to leave out legislation because the Church doesnt take the Blessed Sacrament into account. This is why Dei Defectibus was published - because of abuses which were obviously going on at the time.

I totally agree with you about the redefintion of mortal sin, its not even mentioned anymore - i cant count the amount of times that a Priest told me 'thats not a mortal sin' or 'we dont think of things like that anymore'.

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