Licit to attend weekly NO Masses with abuses?
(12-17-2010, 08:02 PM)Nic Wrote: I sort of read through this entire thread, and it is the same thing as always.  They try to justify their going to the N.O. Mass by stating that it is a licit, valid Mass.  They say that receiving Communion is all that matters, even if the priest preaches modernism and outright heresy, old women pass out the Host like cookies, little girls serve at the "altar" (really a table) and women read and speak openly in Mass.  These atrocities are regular at almost ANY Novus Ordo Mass, but there are much more than just those that go on quite regularly. Once they finally realize that the validity of the N.O. Mass is NOT the issue, then they may finally start to get somewhere.  Most trads who completely shun the N.O. are quite aware that it is a valid Mass - we refuse to attend because the N.O. is an usurper rite, and the SACRILEGE is the issue, not the validity.  The N.O. Mass was designed to allow these kinds of abuses, these kinds of sacrileges.  Therefore, logic simply dictates that the N.O. Mass, by its very essence, is a sacrilege in itself because it is a stripped down, defaced version of the True Mass.  If the laws and definition of sacrilege apply to the defacing of, for example, a crucifx, a holy thing - then how much more does the definition of sacrilege apply to the most holy thing we know, the Mass?  The architects of the New Mass (among them being Protestants and a very suspected Freemason bishop) began with what they knew, which was the TLM.  They intentionally defaced the TLM to produce the New Mass by way of mutilation and fabrication.  This has been admitted when they said they would strip away Catholicism from the Mass!  How is this not the quintessential definition of sacrilege.  Therefore, the N.O. Mass is by the strictest terms of the definition a sacrilege.


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