Licit to attend weekly NO Masses with abuses?
(12-14-2010, 03:35 AM)Stubborn Wrote:
(12-12-2010, 10:57 PM)paxvobiscum23 Wrote: I went to a NO mass this morning and was appalled at the numerous abuses and heresy taught there. The homily was about how priests have had it all wrong for millennia. He went on to say that the kingdom of God is within each of us and he basically said that sin is irrelevant, that we are all good, holy and perfect to begin with and that we should convince ourselves of that. He also sang the NO version of the Ave and I thought they were going to break out into Kumbaya near the end. Hand holding during the Pater Noster was also wide spread there. Due to the invalid consecration (the priest changed the form and made clear his intention was not that of the Church), I left as the congregation started forward. I don't understand why these things happen, but it saddens and frustrates me to see and hear them for myself.

Shoot, you can't call that abuses, looks like you merely attended a NO that has been almost fully implemented and understood.

These things will continue to happen so long as folks keep going........but you should not consider these things abuses.

The NOs that have not gotten to out of hand yet are just draggin their feet - give 'em time.

The bad thing is, I had an idea that something like that was going to happen. I have purposely avoided going there many times in the past; but prior to Sunday, it had been 11 months almost to the day, since I had been to mass. It's amazing how messed up a person can become in such a short time. There are five parishes within 10 miles, so I will try to find one that is at least a little less unsettling.

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