Pleasant surprise in Catholic (ish) store
There is a Catholic store in my city, the Guild, and they often have a tendency to have less than traditional items. This is the same store where I jokingly asked for a childrens Bible in Latin.

Today, I was crusing around the aisles, mostly to kill time before the bus came, and I saw in the Bible section (which is filled with NAB and RSV or whatever) and there was a new member there. There was a D-R bible which was very nice on the rack. I picked it up and it had all the proper notes in it about the history and origins and even a Papal Encyclical Letter about it (or the Bible in general, I didn't review it much).

This is a pretty big thing I think, as this is the first time I've seen the D-R in a RL store. It has to be there for a reason.

There are also guides and books about the Latin mass mixed in with the new mass books, but I think those have been there for a while.

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