Pleasant surprise in Catholic (ish) store
(04-19-2009, 02:39 PM)CelticChristian Wrote: This is great news.  If you don't have a Douay already, and can afford it, why not buy it?  You could also inform some like-minded friends about this and ask the store to order some more in.  This could send out a pretty strong message.
I have two (three) already (a pocket one, the D-R and Vulgate one from Baronius, and that used to be my mother's).

I can't afford it either really, although it is a good price. All my friends are online as well :)

Quote:I was thinking the same thing; there must be some demand for it, from somewhere, or else it wouldn't be there.  Bookstores in even the most conservative dioceses will still contain Modernist titles, but it's great that there seems to be some positive progress in your diocese.  What's your bishop like in terms of Tradition etc?

I did once, a long time ago, ask about different Bible versions (I was looking for the Jerusalem version at the time) and I mentioned the D-R as I noticed they didn't have any and they told me they don't get books from Baronius. Next time I'm there, I'll try to see what the publisher is.

The Bishop is Bishop Martino. The one who constantly defends the faith, no matter what. You may see him mentioned on this forum ocassionally.

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