Dom Gueranger
Thougts on Dom Gueranger as I debate whether to invest in a 14 volume opus.

Go!  Buy it now! It is the best money (other than my missal) that I've ever spent.  It is a bottomless wealth of historical information and fruitful meditation materials.  It is a treasure.

My wife loves it (and I had to twist her arm, figuratively, to buy it)!
Dusty_Bottoms Wrote:It is the best money (other than my missal) that I've ever spent.

I know people who no longer use a missal. Since Gueranger's work has all the propers in it, they just take whatever volume of The Liturgical Year is presently being read to Mass.
I absolutely love it. As a recently baptised Catholic, I knew very little about the significance of Christmas or Advent until the priest used some passages during catechism. Very good for meditating and reflection. I am very fortunate, in that my priory has two sets and I now own one entire set.

All good books are priceless and they are worth more than all the gold in the world, and i would recommend that you buy this to pass on to your children and grandchildren. The binding and design ensures that it will last for some generations.

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