Napolitano Defends Putting Pro-Life Advocates in Terrorism Report
You know you did something wrong when you anger our calm neighbors to the north:
She's like the Nat'l security version of Jocelyn Elders - that wacky Surgeon General.
I am so sick of these commies(Obama, Napalitano and others) pretending to be concerned for the interests of Americans, they just seem to be interested in gaining and consolidating power. The worst thing is many Americans don't care about the unborn or what is happening in our government. Abortion clinics are murder machines, and steps should be taken to shut them down. Democracy is an illusion we need a Catholic monarchy, or at least something needs to change.
Cyriacus wrote about the DHS report:

" In the section "Revisiting the 90s," the report slanders the pro-life movement that came to a head in the 1990s by suggesting that pro-life advocacy and the visibility of pro-life issues led directly to terrorist attacks against government offices, banks, and public infrastructure."

OK, besides Eric Rudolph, how many pro-life advocates launched terrorist attacks during the 1990s against government offices, banks, and public infrastructure???  For that matter, Eric Rudolph, who acted on his own initiative, not as part of any group, and, as far as I know, had no history of pro-life activism, bombed 1) a "gay" nightclub in Atlanta, 2) Centennial Park in Atlanta during the Olympics, and 3) an abortion clinic in Birmingham.  Only Centennial Park is public infrastructure.  What other attacks were there?  Anyone remember others?

DHS must be getting its info from the SPLC.

(04-23-2009, 05:59 PM)Sinner Wrote:
(04-23-2009, 02:04 PM)OKinyobe Wrote: I really think she is a delusional paranoid. Everyone from Canadians to pro-lifers are "enemies" of the state.
Why are people bereft of common sense given a position of power?
Be cause it was given to them by someone bereft of common sense??

Point taken. :nonsum:

Napolitano is a liberal fruitcake who sees conspiracies where there are none and Obama is just happy to silence opposition.

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