So is Sanctifying Grace created or not created?
It's worth noting that sanctifying grace has no existence as a separate ''entity'', on its own. It exists only insofar as it as it inheres in a subject, i.e. whether human or angel. In like fashion, colour does not exist on its own, but only insofar as a particular thing has colour, e.g.: the whiteness of the wall; the whiteness is contingent upon the wall existing, in order to have any existence. Pure ''whiteness'' has no existence. Sanctifying grace can be said to be an accident, for it has no substantial existence on its own.

Quote:Sanctifying Grace cannot be both created and uncreated, lest we break the Law of Non-contradiction. So which is It?

It can be both inasmuch as we could view it from two different angles.

As Legrange points out, it is taken to be an accident of the soul. Now, the soul is a created existence, so in this sense it is created in it's instantiation in the soul, because surely the human soul is created, and thus any of it's particular properties are. If the ball is created and it is red, than that red is created. But is "red-ness" taken generally? I'd be tempted to say no, that ball's red may be created, but Red-ness in which it participates, is not. Same thing with sanctifying grace. Inasmuch as it is an accident of an individual soul, yes it is created inasmuch as the soul is and its existence is relative to that soul. Inasmuch as the accident is the instantiation of something Eternal, namely God's Divine Life itself...then the Form is eternal, as it were.
. . . ] The Tridentine definition of Sanctifying Grace as "God's justice, not by means of which He is Himself just, but by which He makes us just" (D 799) excludes the identity of Sanctifying Grace with the Holy Ghost. [. . . ] The Holy Ghost is the mediator of the love of God, which is given to us in the justification, and is therefore distinguished from Sanctifying Grace, as the gift from the giver [Ludwig Ott, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, p. 254]."

How does a creature deify us?

This is why the Easterns are right about the essence - energy distinction.
Here's some of what the (old) Catholic Encyclopedia has to say:

...the person of the Holy Ghost cannot be poured out into our hearts (Romans 5:5), nor does it cleave to the soul as inherent justice (Trent, sess. VI, can. xi), nor can it be increased by good works (loc. cit., can. xxiv), and all this is apart from the fact that the justifying grace in Holy Writ is expressly termed a "gift [or grace] of the Holy Ghost" (Acts 2:38; 10:45), and as the abiding seed of God (1 John 3:9). From this it follows that the grace must be as distinct from the Holy Ghost as the gift from the giver and the seed from the sower; consequently the Holy Spirit is our holiness, not by the holiness by which He Himself  is holy, but by that holiness by which He makes us holy.

Sanctifying grace is the supernatural created gift of the uncreated Holy Spirit who dwells within us.  It is the gift by which we ourselves (poor creatures) become holy and pleasing to God. 

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