New Archbishop of Saint Louis-- Robert J. Carlson
This all seems like the status quo is being kept, but for me that will continue until our beloved Holy Father (the "Holy Man") suppresses the heterodoxy of the Novus Ordo Missal completely, that is, until he restores the Tridentine Offertory and Roman Canon to every Roman Mass. The new three-year cycle is not much of a concern to me if it is left as an alternative.
(04-21-2009, 08:42 PM)JesusFreak84 Wrote: There's also the question of whether an FSSP or ICKSP priest would want the job.  I wouldn't blame them, totally, for declining.

You make a good point. I think they would have a difficult time stomaching some-- make that MANY-- of the things they would encounter in the position. I insist that if there was a one (e.g. FSSP, ICKSP or traditional-leaning priest such as the former Archbishop of St. Louis Archdiocese, Raymond Burke) who could succeed at the delicate balance... I would think he could save, oh, a few souls at the least...oh well, a guy can always pray and hope.

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