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(04-24-2009, 09:54 AM)ErinIsNice Wrote: If I could drive, I'd want a Mini just so I had to go everywhere alone   :laughing: :laughing:
HAHA! I so agree....i drive a big ol boring and practical husband drives a mustang!
Quote from Spooky
[/quote]I didn't get my first driver's license until I was 30. I didn't drive before for a lot of reasons, I never took Driver's Ed in school because my parents said they'd never let me drive, so why bother? Then, later there was fear; I was afraid to drive (if there is even the slightest possibility that I'll make a mistake doing something, I'll chose not to do it), and maybe even fear of "growing up", being independent; and then monetary, couldn't really afford a car, insurance, gas etc. Jason finally demanded I learn to drive (what if James needed to go to the ER or something he reasoned), and he found and bought me a nice older car. He spent hours and hours and $$$ cleaning it up and fixing what needed to be fixed (and all this after he told me he didn't love me anymore. ha!). He let me drive his truck for practice and I realized it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be (driving). Now, I don't know why it took me so long to get the damn license already. Just being able to get in the car and go somewhere anywhere without having to ask/beg someone else is soooooooo wonderful, even if it is just up to the store for something quick.
And for the record, I didn't run over Rosarium (tempting as it may be ;) ) I've only pulled out in front of a motorcycle.  :doh:

I feel a lot better now.  I did the whole driver's ed thing in high school, but never got my license until I was 25.  I don't mind driving now except I hate it in the winter. 

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