Are midwives safe?
(04-25-2009, 05:14 PM)AdoramusTeChriste Wrote:
(04-23-2009, 06:56 PM)antimodernist Wrote: If we have our baby via midwife, it will only be $1800.

I'm just wondering if your wife is on board with the midwife route. If she isn't, $1800 bucks isn't going to matter.

It takes a lot of preparation to have a homebirth, and it takes a lot of reading and meetings with the midwife to be comfortable with her for the birth. Plus, you need to be prepared for an onslaught of questions from shocked and horrified relatives.
To be honest with you, it was her idea to have the baby with a midwife. She has always wanted to have a waterbirth. We have scheduled a consultation with her this week. He have all kinds of questions and concerns for her. We mentioned it to my parents, and they didn't take it too bad. Her parents are another story.
Midwives are much safer, in general.  I think that is a good idea of your wife's to look into for this birth.  There is a much higher chance of a birth without unnecessary interventions.  God made us women to give birth that way, but for a few rare situations.  Interventions lead to more interventions, and most of the time, a caesarian is just the natural culmination of a chain of interventions.

I have only had births (nonmedicated on purpose) with midwifes in hospitals, but I think I would actually opt for a homebirth in the future.
(04-23-2009, 06:18 PM)ErinIsNice Wrote: Well midwives and doulas have absolutely nothing to do with one another.  A doula simply offers female physical and emotional support during labor.

Well, we used a doula. If one is going to do the hospital birth, I think they're a good idea.

I'm not a 'credentialist' myself, I have a silly number of letters I refrain from putting after my name, on the business card, etc. I don't care if someone has letters after their name or of they paid 19.95 to get a 'packet' or whatever. This is what references and referrals are for.

Our doula has been doing it for 11 years. She had literally hundreds of births. She saved us a lot of time and energy when there were issues with last minute changes. Her network is just so big: we had 2 or 3 doctors to choose from within 4 hours of having to find a new doctor at Week 38(!), all of whom supported natural and/or Bradley method births. Your mileage may vary, but one that 'checks out,' is an incredible resource.

We wouldn't have done it any other way (except perhaps home birth, but I'm talking about hospital birth) than with a doula. She ran interference, worried about my wife's comfort while I 'enforced' our birth plan, kept them from doing interventions my wife didn't want, doing stuff to our baby, etc...

If you're home birth or birthing center (not a hospital) chances are you're using a midwife, etc. I can't imagine a reason to have a doula for such a setting.

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