Spelt Pizza -spelt recipes
Im just posting this because over the last few years ive had to cook with spelt flour as opposed to normal flour, the reason being my wife has a wheat allergy that she developed about 7/8 years ago - probably because of over use of antibiotics.

So I just wanted to share a lovely pizza Ive been making her for the past 6 months- shes pregnant...lol

It might be useful for anyone here who cant eat wheat or just plain enjoy's spelt - its much more delicious than normal wheat- its what the Romans ate!!

So basically its:

1/2 teaspoon of salt per cup of flour
4 grams of yeast per cup of flour (although I tend to use 7 grams per 2 cups)
one pizza is about 2 cups of flour - depending on how thin you want it.
I tbsp of olive oil per 2 cups of flour
TONS of oregano!!!! Thats the key ingredient

I also tend to put the yeast in a glass of warm sugar water for a bit - speed it up a little

So then miz it all up, knead it for 10 mins, leave it to rise for 1hr/2hrs-best,

Spread it out as thin or thick as you want - it rises quite well

I usually make a little tomato sauce - using a tin of tomato puree mixed with basil and honey and chilli powder.

Spread that on it of you want.

Then add your toppings!

I usually add grated cheddar cheese, mozzarella, chorizo, pepperoni, maybe some chicken fried in olive oil and honey,garlic and chilli powder.

Not sure how long I leave it for I Suppose no less than half and hour - about 200 degrees.


Anyone got any nice spelt recipes?
Sounds good to me (but then, it's a post about food )  :eats:

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