How bad would a Novus Ordo Mass have to be to justify not attending?
How bad would it have to be?  Basically it would have to be invalid.  Illicit but valid is something many have had to endure.

It is an extremely difficult thing to judge intent. Now I know a priest who told a friend of mine that anyone could do what he does at Mass.  But he also condoned abortion from the pulpit and I avoided him. When I was at the ugly round church and our pastor told another friend of mine that he does not like the catechism, the rosary, or daily Mass as well as some other things, I did doubt his intent by these sayings and other things he said and never attended his 'mass' again.  The gay priest at the other parish in town would have me so angry I sometimes could not receive Communion.  I took a drastic step and moved from my hometown.  I could hardly endure any more.

When you begin to have panic attacks at the illicit Mass, you know you have come to the end of your endurance.  I hope you can find a kind soul to take you to a Mass where you can actually worship the Lord.  See about having a notice put in the bulletins of the good parishes about a person needing a ride and perhaps one can be found.

I am sorry for this sad state of affairs for you  It is a great cross and suffering.

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