How bad would a Novus Ordo Mass have to be to justify not attending?
I know that the SSPX advise - or tell outright - its faithful not to attend the Novus Ordo even if there is no Traditional Mass to attend. I am sure many traditional Catholics follow their advice; I did until about 18 months ago. My conscience was disturbed by this - so I now attend the least objectionable Novus Ordo Mass I can find, on Sundays when there is no Traditional Mass for me to attend. Eastern rites are non existent.

I would say if there is OBJECTIVE sacrilege, and deliberate and substantial violation of the rubrics, one should not be present. That the liturgy is not to ones taste, the music poor, etc - or, more to the point, our PRIVATE OPINIONS regarding the defects of  the Novus Ordo should not alone be enough to keep us from Mass on a day of obligation.

One thing with which I battle is communion in the hand and EHMC's - do these constitute objective sacrilege? Sure, one can personally receive on the tongue or even kneeling at the Mass which I attend, and avoid EHMC's, but these things ARE PRESENT. Yet they are permitted by the Church in certain circumstances. Even permission for EHMC's is very vague. I believe they are used unnecessarily at the church I attend - but the general rule seems so vague, I am hesitant to say their use is illegal. And communion in the hand is permitted. Is it still possible to say these things are OBJECTIVELY and INTRINSICALLY sacrilegous?

God bless.

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