How bad would a Novus Ordo Mass have to be to justify not attending?
(05-14-2009, 10:57 AM)Rosarium Wrote:
(05-14-2009, 01:05 AM)INPEFESS Wrote: Ok. Well me must know of entirely different Protestant groups. I'm not saying you're wrong, but most of the people I know are Protestants, and none of them have ever referred to priests in this way. To them, priest is a Catholic term and they don't use it unless they're trying to relate to a Catholic. You may be right though. I don't claim extensive knowledge about what Protestants call each other; but I've never met one to do this.
Well, they don't use the word, because they don't believe the concept to be important. I'm not talking about anglicans and such, but actual protestants who have no structure besides local ones. They believe that all believers are the priests that are mentioned in the Bible, so the priesthood is just the collection of believers as they see. So the word is Catholic, but the concept they have.

Quote:Ok. I'm surprised you don't see the same problem I do, though. Again, I must stress principle. The motive behind this wasn't to clarify the faculties of the priest because these faculties have been taught, understood, and associated with Catholicism everywhere in the English speaking nations throughout the centuries. The word "presbyter" is more acceptable to Protestants because there is not yet any association with Catholicism attached to the word - no Protestant group associates the word with these faculties because the Church has not promulgated this association in the English language, at least not to the degree it has with the word "priest".  If I was Protestant, I would most certainly get the imression that the Church was no longer wanting to associate itself with its Traditional teachings of the faculties implied by the word, "priest". But then again, as I say, I may be wrong in this.

I initially did see a problem, when the meanings of the word presbyter and priest were given in contrast, but I researched it and thought about it before responding. Yes, protestants used the word first in English and it replaced "priest". However, protestants change all the time. English changes all the time. Protestants seem to have more effect on the English language because they change so much. If we were totally dissociated from the Church, "priest" would not be specifically Catholic. It would probably be pagan as they use the term a lot. Remember the leafwyrm? As much as I like the word, it doesn't mean anything to those who aren't fans of Middle English and Anglo-Saxon. If I want to communicate to all English speakers, I use "caterpillar". The Catholic Church has used other words. In my missal pre-1962, it uses "celebrant".

So the use of the word in the translations in which it is used (which I haven't seen to my knowledge, so it isn't that widespread) is an oddity for the Church but linguistically accurate, and a proper English term for priest.

Yes, it is an oddity as have been the teachings of the last 40 years. But you know what I mean, and I know what you mean. So furthering this is just idle talk every word of which we'll have to account for one day, according to the Scriptures. I'll give it up, don't worry. Thank you for a reasonable, charitable, unemotional, down-to-earth discussion. May God bless you as always...

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