How bad would a Novus Ordo Mass have to be to justify not attending?
I went to my first NO in several months this week, for my niece's Confirmation.  I had thought I might accidentally respond in Latin, but really, it was so different there wasn't much chance of that.  Besides, there was so much activity in the pew in front of me that I couldn't get immersed in the prayers anyway.  There were two parents and three kids, so whichever kid wasn't actually in their grasp was in constant movement and picking on the other kids or the parents.  I tried to keep my gaze elevated most of the time so I didn't have to watch the fun.  Up there was the Risen Christ, no Cross in sight.  I did finally notice a portable crucifix to one side of the sanctuary; I wondered whether it's always there or they brought it in for the Bishop's visit.

Apparently spaghetti strap dresses and untucked shirts are standard dress code these days for receiving important Sacraments from your Bishop, and shorts and t-shirts are fine for the attendees.

This church was built in 1972, and I wonder if the kneelers were designed to discourage kneeling.  They're too close to the pew, so you have to sort of lean back, and there isn't room for your feet if the kneeler behind you isn't in use.  A Low Mass there would be downright painful.

It wasn't bad enough to walk out, considering the special occasion, although I did consider moving across the aisle when it was time to kneel, to get away from the wrestling family, but I decided that might be kind of obvious.  If it were my only choice for Sunday Mass....I don't know, I think I'd need a lot of Grace to stick it out.

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