AIDS "prevention": Perverting toddlers
AIDS Prevention among Schoolchildren From the desk of Alexandra Colen on Thu, 2005-12-01 23:33
In Belgium the World Aids prevention day is a day of celebration for many. First and foremost for those who earn a living by it, especially the many government funded social workers who never need to go near an AIDS patient but spend their time “increasing awareness” among the masses. One powerful group in this respect is the Belgian organisation SENSOA (abbreviated from: “Increasing Awareness about Sexually Transmitted Diseases”). Because AIDS is such a terrible thing, no-one dares to question or criticise these people’s activities. Their funds increase with every AIDS campaign and the government gives them any other convenience their work may require. Such as access to the nation’s schoolchildren through the school curriculum and extracurricular activities.
Their latest activity is an exhibition and activities book about sex and relationships that targets children of preschool and primary school age.
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That can't be real.  Or could it.

I know Holland is forever lost.  Maybe I should just write off Belgium too.

It's porn for pre-schoolers.  What's the age of consent in Belgium? 5?
This is just so INSANE! Why, oh why, would parents stand for this being taught to their children?
Oh, but REMEMBER!!!! They're going to do it sooner or later!!! We need to have them prepared now! The second edition will include a free sample of appropriate contraceptives, depending on whether the book goes to Susie or Tommy.
And always remember, sodomy has nothing do with it!
"Innocence will almost no longer be found in children..."
Our Lady of Good Success
I am really sorry I posted something so utterly disgusting and repulsive. But we must know what is happening in a land which used to be a pride of the Church. This is the land which gave us the good Liturgical Movement, the Missal of St. Andrew, St. Juliana of Liège and the Feast of Corpus Christi!

Knowledgeable people have told me that even in the Netherlands there is more hope than in Belgium... What a disgrace!

Absolutely disgusting...............

Those poor dear children..........

I thank God that I have been given the grace to send my children to a Tradition Catholic School......with moral values.


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