Workers Find Note in bottle From Six Catholic Prisoners in Auschwitz
Note was from 6 Catholic prisoners and one Jewish. So much for Catholic persecution in WWII being a myth..
It's the exclusivity of 'the Holocaust' that's a real shame. All the life lost during that dark period was precious.

As an historical artifact, this is great. Hopefully more information will come to light.
The truth comes out bit by bit. While I'm not old enough to remember WWII and the camps, I do remember Simon Weisenthal getting in political trouble by saying 5 million Jews killed in the camps was an exaggeration. Note he didn't say 6 million as commonly held today. I have heard that with the new Holocaust Museum in DC historians will be able to access all the records from this period. Previously they had been prohibited to view them.
The ADL will claim that six Jews had originally stuffed their messages in the bottle and those collaborating Catholics threw the notes away and inserted their own messages in a flagrant attempt to manipulate history.

I don't recall the MSM mentioning the religion of the prisoners, it seemed to be left for the reader to assume they were Jewish because everyone knows the holocaust only happened to the Jews.

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