Archbishop Chaput
Good for him. He is one of the Bishops that at least never has attacked the SSPX when St Isidor's was built he said that it was outside the diocesen structure or something like that he never issued an erroneous blanket excommunication for SSPXer's like Fabian Bruskawitz (spell).
(05-07-2009, 12:53 PM)CarmeliteAtHeart Wrote: I don't care what any "traditionalist" says, this is a Catholic Bishop worthy of the name and who is true to the Faith. I'm sure someone can criticize him, say why he is a heretic or what have you but that's ridiculous...I love the TLM and regardless, I think Archbishop Chaput is great. Thanks be to God for him.

Pax Christi tecum

The problem with most traditionalists is that they want to go in guns a blazin', whereas the post-conciliar mess is such a mess that it requires a pastoral touch; like turning a giant ship around.  So I can appreciate the work of Bishops like Burke and Chaput, et cetera.
He's a really kind and thoughtful (and orthodox) man. His new book would be quite helpful if more average Catholics read it.

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