Students Trade Bibles for Porn
from, a porn industry rag:
Students Trade Bibles for Porn
By Matt O'Conner
Friday, December 2, 2005

SAN ANTONIO — A group of atheists at the University of Texas at San Antonio is putting a novel twist on the toys-for-guns programs run by many urban police departments. But instead of toys, they are handing out porn in exchange for bibles.
“We consider the bible to be a very negative force in the history of the world,” student Ryan Walker said. Walker is part of a student group that calls itself the Atheist Agenda.
Club members this week posted fliers promoting what they call the “Smut for Smut” campaign then set up a table in the student union to collect religious materials and pass out adult magazines such as Black Label and Playboy.
The group is not officially sanctioned by the university and has raised the ire of several religious organizations on campus.
“In my opinion, there are no atheists. There are fools,” Pastor Rick Hawkins of UTSA’s Family Praise Center said. “So, that would be foolish propaganda. I don't know one believer that would take his Bible and turn it in for pornography.”
Hawkins obviously didn’t stop by the Atheist Agenda table, where several students had dropped off copies of the good book and walked away with skin mags.
Athiest Agenda isn’t the first student group to explore the idea of introducing porn to former bible toters. Members say they got the idea from students in Austin who ran a similar pro-porn drive.
Walker added that members thought it sounded like a creative way to exercise their freedom of speech.
Militant secularist Enlightenment fundamentalism this is. Well, in fact the Enlightenment extremists did believe in a Supreme Being, these atheists don't. They say. (They know they do, because their activism is opposed to Something, Which should not be there according to them but by their activism against It, is proven to exist.) And moral terrorism in some way. Can't  see why a good Christian would ever change his Bible for other magazines, even if they were not pornographic. It would be considered sacrilege anyway.
This is a dishonour to us and to God.  In fact, this is just another call to take up arms!*  Long live Christ the King!

Pinoy Monk

(In no way do I condone violent action against these people.  I call you all to take up your rosaries!  Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.)

       I believe that it was Voltaire who said the Bible would be an obsolete and forgotten book one-hundred years hence. As it turned out, his very home was eventually converted into a warehouse for a national Bible society. Funny how things work out!
How dreadful. There's not much you can do here. Having a place where you can turn in Bibles to get rid of them is not bad in itself, but what is bad about this is that there is a virulent anti-Religious animus which motivates them to do it, and they are taking what should be a glorious treasure of Christendom and replacing it with soul-killing filth. I'd hate to be put on the spot to explain stuff like that to Our Lord at my particular judgement...
It's somewhat surprising to me that U.T. would allow this in the Student Union. Betcha they wouldn't allow quiet peaceful protesters to stand nearby and say the rosary, though. The double standard these days really confounds me.
  Nor would they likely allow an explicitly anti-atheist group to do a 'trash for Bibles' swap. 
I find their statement that the Bible has been a negative influence in history to be totally without foundation and inflammatory.
Anyone with an ounce of honesty knows that the Church, nourished by the Holy Scriptures, has inspired some of the greatest acts of charity ever seen. What other organization but the Church gave the world
-beautiful art, music and architecture
-etc etc
Christians need to reclaim history and rehabilitate the Church, even as we contradict JP2's apologies that fed into this abominable view of history.

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