Dutch Liberal leader: "Holocaust denial should not be a crime"

Israeli media, Israeli politicians in Europe and others all attack Mr Mark Rutte, for wanting to decriminalize holocaust revisionism.
Of course "Holocaust denial" shouldn't be a crime, because it stops honest research and public comment/ debate about a terrible and important event in our history.  Like most accounts of history, the study of it only began 20-odd years after it happened, which is only 30-odd years ago now. It's round about the right time to drag the truth out into the light, the best we can, although it's an agreed opinion by most qualified people that it was a pretty darned unprecedented event in history, so it's going to be hard to get to the bottom of. Even the World Wars were unprecedented, and are still argued about now - the specific subject of how Jews fit into the whole thing is bound to be difficult and full of agendas. Maybe the "Bishop Williamson affair" has been a catalyst for really getting into the truth of what really happened, why, how etc.
Holocaust denial or revision shouldn't be a crime, but that doesn't make it prudent.

Not every theory is a crime, but prudence should be exercised when promoting or trying to refute something.


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