Good Priest or Layman needed to head Archmere Academy in Delaware
The Norbertine Prep School, Archmere Academy in Delaware on the border of Pennsylvania  is currently looking for a person to fill a soon to be vacated position of Headmaster/ Head of School.  Because of the priest shortage, the possibility of not having a Norbertine religioius to fill the position for the first time is possible.

Having attended the school back in the 1980s,  I can say it's a real mixed bag for someone to want to take on.  Catholic identity has been muted significantly over the years with  a few bright exceptions.  It's been rocked by scandal due to a single predatory priest.  Vice President Joe Biden has been a member of its orbit  with all of the accompanying scandal and confusion that a pro-Abortion liberal politician brings.  The school itself is a virtual factory for overachievement and college placement to a fault.  The school adapts to the needs of the outside world too much instead of focusing on Eternal principals that will shape the outside world to conform to God's will.

Here's a link to the announcement itself:

The main web page:

If anyone knows a good, solid Norbertine (anyone on the West Coast?)or religious that could tackle this job, let them know and prayers would be appreciated for whatever graces could be obtained for this school . 


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