Bishop Sanborn responds to the "rupture theology" article
(06-01-2009, 10:33 PM)Borromeo Wrote: Mr. Gurries' article should be entitled "Hermeneutic of Denial."

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Bishop Sanborn

I post the following for consideration, written by D.Q. McInerny, Ph.D, in the April FSSP newsletter.  I think Mr. McInerny makes an excellent point.  Many traditional Catholics are guilty of this, and sedevacantist are certainly guilty. 

"...what I have in mind by referring to a nostalgic regard for the past is an attitude which is put in place by the practice of imaginatively doctoring and reshaping the past so that it becomes something which, in fact, it never was. It is a practice which fosters a dreamy, sentimentalized rendition of the past, transforming it into a kind of Never-Never-Land, to which one is constantly appealing, usually as a standing indictiment against every aspect of the present, and the obsessive commitment to which serves to prevent a person from living fully and responsibly in the present. This attitude produces an essentially fictionalized past, into which one can attempt to escape every now and then to elude the pressing demands of the here and now. In the end, a nostaligic regard for the past then turns out to be, ironically, a way of not dealing with the past at all, not the REAL past, at any rate. The "past" being dealt with is a distortion; it is what one supposes the past to have been, or often, simply what one wishes it to have been. Such an attitude can have nothing to do with a healthy understanding of and respect for tradition..."

Many traditional Catholics are guilty of this, but not the way you seem to be implying here. What the Church teaches about Herself, including the infallibility of both the Church and the Pope, are not "dreamy, sentimentalized renditions of the past", but truths. This crisis is unpresidented in the Church and we must deal with it while maintaining proper Catholic principles, a "healthy understanding of and respect for tradition". It is Mr. McInerny who is on Fantasy Island.


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