Bishop Sanborn responds to the "rupture theology" article
Lamentabili Sane, will you read all the words of the Pope and hence in context. He clearly says our Lord is risen as he has many other times:
Quote:At Easter we rejoice because Christ did not remain in the tomb, his body did not see corruption; he belongs to the world of the living, not to the world of the dead; we rejoice because he is the Alpha and also the Omega, as we proclaim in the rite of the paschal candle; he lives not only yesterday, but today and for eternity (cf. Hebrews 13-8 ).

The Holy Father is clearly trying to say that Christ's Resurrection is more than just a man coming back to life from the dead. Christ's Resurrection is so much more than merely that because Christ is God the Son Second Divine Person of the Blessed Trinity. Our Lord as man can die no more and that is, I believe, what Pope Benedict XVI was saying, that the Resurrection of the Body is more than just coming back from death but that death will be no more in our resurrected and gloried bodies. Christ's physical body transcends time and space as it known and hopefully believed from the Dogma of Transubstantiation and the Blessed Sacrament of His Body and Blood.

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