Bishop Sanborn responds to the "rupture theology" article
lamentabili sane Wrote:
GodFirst Wrote:But the Church can development Her Doctrine on Her own nature.
That's not at issue here.
That is only what you say? What is your authority to say that? None whatsoever.

Quote:She cannot contradict Herself.
Of course, in Sacred Dogma She cannot. Practice is another thing for She has a human element as well as a Divine.

Quote:That is de fide.
What exactly is de fide?

Quote:The Church's spiritual scope has and cannot be solemnly defined in this world and time, because the Church is a spiritual organization as well as an visible one, for instance we do not know all the Saints which are in Heaven. Not all theologian opinions concerning ecclesiology were Dogma before Vatican II, right? Vatican II may have developed doctrine. Developing doctrine is not changing Sacred Dogma which is unchangeable by nature.
All due respect, but you're in over your head here.
How so? It's great that you can say that without any explaination. You are being sophistic, whether intentional or not. You're not even making an argument, just like Bp/Fr Sanborn. You are hurting Tradition.

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