Bishop Sanborn responds to the "rupture theology" article
lamentabili sane Wrote:
GodFirst Wrote:
lamentabili Wrote:DH says a man has a right to absolute liberty in the practice of his religion...any religion. Unless he disturbs the public order.
Where? Show me the exact quote where the word "absolute" is use? Please!
Because I only read this:
....the right to this immunity continues to exist even in those who do not live up to their obligation of seeking the truth and adhering to it and the exercise of this right is not to be impeded, provided that just public order be observed.
I said absolute...unless it disturbs the public order.
Then it's not so absolute, is it then? But my point, and one which you refuse to accept, is that DH only speaks of a right to immunity from coercion, not a right to practice whatever religion a person desires. And even this right to freedom from coercion is not absolute but limited or as DH says "within due limits".

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