Bishop Sanborn responds to the "rupture theology" article
"GodFirst" Wrote:Exactly what it says it is giving a right to, which is, the right to be free from being forced or coerced into doing something that is against your conscience .

Which means you have a right to do what your conscience says, like practice a false religion. That right must be tied to some duty to practice a false religion.

Quote:Tell me where the Church has ever taught that She has the right to force men to be baptized against their wills.

She does not. But that is not what the issue is here.

Quote:Not to mention that it is impossible to force a person to believe what he does not want to believe. You can coerce or force a person to do many things but that always leaves the door open for insincerity which in turn would invalidiate any Sacrament. The Catholic Doctrine stands: YOU CANNOT MORALLY FORCE OR COERCE A PERSON INTO BECOMING CATHOLIC OR YOU COMMIT GRAVE INJUSTICE AGAINST THAT PERSON AND LIKELY A MORTAL SIN.

Again, nobody is say that and I don't know why you keep repeating it.

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