Bishop Sanborn responds to the "rupture theology" article
I guess I don't understand why a key element is always missed or passed over in the debate/argument over DH.  At the time it was written the Catholic Church and her members were being persecuted and denied worship by the Communist in Eastern Europe, particularly Poland.  There was a very influential Polish archbishop who had a GREAT influence in the writing and pushing forth of DH.  That certain archbishop is a hero to many in Poland because he put his neck on the line, literally. 

It is easy to sit here some 40 odd years later in the comfort of the grand ol' US of A where "freedom rings" behind a keyboard, having no concept of what it is like to be under a communist government.  For those of you against DH and Vatican II, I say to you, how short sighted and exceedingly arrogant you are. 

God Bless our Pope and God bless the Catholic Church. 

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