Bishop Sanborn responds to the "rupture theology" article
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Quote:"obeying the moral law" CANNOT include practicing a false religion.

That's not correct.  Even an honestly erroneous conscience is binding under pain of sin.  The moral law commands that we obey it -- and failure to do so is a sin.  Now, the law cannot command and forbid the same thing -- and that is why there is a correlative right to do our moral duty. 

I must be mistaken. I'm not asking this sarcastically or cynically; I'm asking this seriously: how can a conscience be "erronious"? Where is this in Catholic theology? The conscience is directed by God to always seek Objective Truth. If a conscience is misled, it is the product of the rejection of grace.

Summa Theologica  I-II19,5

Thank you. I'll read about this ... phenomenon.

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