Bishop Sanborn responds to the "rupture theology" article
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Quote:"obeying the moral law" CANNOT include practicing a false religion.

That's not correct.  Even an honestly erroneous conscience is binding under pain of sin.  The moral law commands that we obey it -- and failure to do so is a sin.  Now, the law cannot command and forbid the same thing -- and that is why there is a correlative right to do our moral duty. 

I must be mistaken. I'm not asking this sarcastically or cynically; I'm asking this seriously: how can a conscience be "erronious"? Where is this in Catholic theology? The conscience is directed by God to always seek Objective Truth. If a conscience is misled, it is the product of the rejection of grace.

"Pius XII, Ci Riesce" Wrote:that which does not correspond to truth or to the norm of morality objectively has no right to exist, to be spread or to be activated.

What schoolman is trying to claim (I think) is that the norm of morality can be contrary to truth in the case of a man who has an improperly formed conscience. What he fails to consider is that all men are bound by divine law to enter the Catholic Church.

Ah, ok. Thank you. Yes, schoolman, Godfirst, Borromeo, and myself are on completely different pages of theology, then. I don't know how to explain myself any better than I already have.

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