Bishop Sanborn responds to the "rupture theology" article
INPEFESS Wrote:Without grace, our intellect can form an "honestly erroneous conscience" because our intellects are, by their very nature, imperfect. However, a conscience in constant cooperation with grace cannot command something that is contrary to God's own law because a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand - God does not fight Himself with Himself. This "erroneous conscience" is impossible with the grace of God because God would never lead one away from the Truth.
I'd disagree because we have many infallibly canonized Saints that differ with each other on the objective truth. Like during the Great Western Schism in which we had three different claimants to St. Peter's Chair, many Saints of that time supported different claimants (from what I've read anyway). Not to mention that many of the Saints were wrong on the objective truth at times. Like the Angelic Doctor, etc. Saints are human even with Sanctifying Grace. Sanctifying Grace does not prevent your humanity, that is, honest human ignorance. I would think there are many Saints who were very holy but knew just enough of the Faith. I try to remember that Faith and Charity are to be Theological not intellectual. Not that intellectual knowledge of the Faith is wrong or evil, far from it. Knowledge is a gift of the Holy Ghost.

Quote:God only justifies the conscience of one who's "good willed" intellect substantiates an "honestly erroneous conscience.
What do you mean "only justifies". I think God ignores honest ignorance. It's nothing to Him, because only sin is something to Him. Sin alone offends God, not ignorance of or being misinformed on some truth.

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