Bishop Sanborn responds to the "rupture theology" article
(06-08-2009, 06:34 PM)newschoolman Wrote: LS, take a look at the following teaching from Suarez.  Do you find any (apparent) contradiction here?  If so, how is it reconciled? 

Quote:“As regards the other religious practices of unbelievers which go contrary to Christian beliefs but not counter to natural reason, there is no doubt but that the unbelievers, even though they are subjects, may not be forced to abandon them. Rather the Church has to tolerate themThe reason is that such observances do not in themselves violate the natural law, and therefore, the temporal power of even a Christian ruler does not confer a right to forbid them. Such action would be based on the fact that what is being done goes contrary to the Christian Faith, but that is not enough to compel those who are not subject to the spiritual authority of the Church. This opinion is also supported by the fact that such a ban would involve, to some extent, forcing people to accept the Faith; and that is never permitted.” (Suarez, Tract. de Fide Disp. 18 Sect. III, n. 10)

No, I do not see any contradiction here. Evil must be tolerated at times. What does this have to do with conscience?

Again, what we do not agree on is what conscience actually is. This has been pointed out to you several times and you have ignored it.

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