Bishop Sanborn responds to the "rupture theology" article
Quote:You have argued that the "moral good" Pius XII speaks of in Ci Riesce is being obedient to conscience, which includes error of any kind, as long as it is invincible. DH gives a positive authorisation to error. You claim that an erring conscience can contain what is contrary to "religious truth and moral good".

No, you should go back and quote me.  I have said that the moral law commands under pain of sin that a certain conscience be obeyed -- even when honestly erroneous.  I  have said that man has a moral right to fulfill his moral duties.  I have also said that this  right is not by virtue of the "error" or founded on "error" -- but exists in spite of it -- for the sake of the superior good of obedience to  the moral law required by man in order to  obtain his final end.  Finally, I have  provided  authoritative sources to  back all of this up.

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