Consecuences from being pro-life, or a mediatic agenda against life?
Hi all,

I was reading a bit about the development of events after the recently deceased abortionist Tiller, and came across the guest opinion and would like your comments on it.
Below is an excerpt from the's website: Guest Opinion: What Makes a Pro-Life 'Extremist'?
Excerpt Wrote:Recently, an obviously unstable person murdered late term abortionist George Tiller. Every single pro life person I know condemned the murder. It is against all that we stand for and believe in. Yet, instead of using this as an opportunity to stand together, to condemn violence, Tillers death has been used as an opportunity to paint the pro life movement as violent terrorists. I cannot believe some of the things I have read.

It even denounces Obama's direction regarding the issue:
Excerpt Wrote:President Obama was quick to point a finger at our differences instead of looking at the individual who acted alone.

What can a person do when confronted with such state persecution?

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