Lutherans and Rosaries
As an aside, here's a nice blog I found whilst looking for information on Luther (and impanation) online:
Well worth a look!

Consubstantiation and impanation as doctrines Martin Luther advocated, is a misunderstanding.

you can read more here:

The Sacrament of the Altar by Tom G.A. Hardt:

This book shows, how Luther did not deny the change during the consecration in elements of bread and wine. He rejected transsubstantiation only as a explanation limited by scientic scholastic paradigm and certainly did not want to change it to another scholastic definition. His belief was based in the Words of Institution and to him host consecrated was the body of Christ, which he adored by genuflecting. Luther however misunderstood some aspects of the sacrifice of mass and therefore there remained a tension between the sacrifice of the mass and the real presence in Lutheran theology, which was not solved for a long time and still often has an effect of Lutheran spirituality.

Of course, later in Lutheranism belief in the real presence has often been compromised:



Even some liberal high church Lutherans may not share Luther's deepness in belief on the real presence.


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