How would you rate your present parish?
On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being outright heretical and 10 being probably a fully orthodox, vibrant Latin Mass parish and a 9.5 or 9 being a Novus Ordo parish that will sometimes, at least, offer a TLM or is as faithful and as vibrant as possible in that milieu and with holy priests.

My old parish was about a 1.5.  Not totally openly heretical, mostly softly heretical if you know what I mean as it was not so much 'in your face' except for one priest. 

My present parish is maybe a 4.5 but the numbers are not going up.  The pastor got rid of sacred music. He put great roadblocks to May Marian devotions. Just this week has stopped the public recitation of the rosary.  We have one day of adoration and when he 'reposes', he does so in street clothes without a word.  I have missed it when I was praying or reading.

Today, the feast of Corpus Christi, our missionary priest had a nice gentle homily on the Eucharist. And I was thinking that in my old parish whenever there was a Eucharistic theme, we would  have a money appeal. Then the pastor came up and introduced the business manager who spoke on finances for 15 minutes. (I prayed a rosary).  Of course there was clapping. It felt like a meeting hall. Our "Eucharistic" hymns are about the table and peace and justice and compassion and ourselves.  No sequence since the money appeal went on so long.

But I must tell you that what gave me hope is that soon I will travel 70 miles to a Latin Mass parish of the FSSP and go to a holy and totally properly offered Sacrifice of the Mass as well as a Procession of the Blessed Sacrament.  Oh, I am so happy that I can go where our Lord is loved and honored in this way.

And how about you?
Not to rub it in your face, but mine's a 10. Full TLM/FSSP and school. (The only firestorm over doctrine was anti BOD sermon by one of the priests.)  :)
I don't have the time to go into too much detail here, but I'll say that I attend many different kinds of Masses here in Tulsa, Oklahoma (about 4 or 5, wherever I am in town or depending on the time I can attend).  And sadly, our rating here in this town ranges between 1.5 and 4, I'd say.  

We have a parish that celebrated the TLM as full as it can, but that church is located waaaaay in the northside of town in an area that scares off most churchgoers.  I've attended it about a dozen times and loved it every time.  

Currently I go to a hospital chapel to celebrate Mass (due to work circumstances).  They don't really offer confession, and it's Norvus Ordo, and the priests are hard to understand, and the message is kinda bland and yeah....

I suppose in the end it's all about Christ working through the apostolic authority that was bestowed unto the priest.
Ten, thanks be to God.  On this Sunday in the Octave, I give thanks to God for my parish St. John the Baptist in Front Royal Virginia.  If you want to live in a community that is vibrantly Catholic I am encouraging all faithful Catholics to move their families to F.R. 

My two parishes...

Nearby NO parish: 5-ish.  kinda varies, not too bad, but sometimes the priest can't even stick to the NO translation and makes $%*! up on the fly...  Daily mass with Confession and the "new" rosary afterward.  No really cringe-worthy homilies though.

30-some minutes away: NO parish with FSSP TLM shoehorned inbetween NO masses: 9.5+.  Generally really good.  Slight scramble to make things fit in, with only 15 minutes or so before or after, but no complaints.

Both are very friendly and welcoming.
It is hard to judge.

It is a NO mass, in an unorthodoxly designed building, but the priests are not heretical. They use eucharistic ministers, but many receive on the tongue and some kneel. The reality of sin, the importance of penance, the Eucharist, Marian devotion, hell, etc are all prominent in sermons. Also, there are plenty of devotional candles, statues and pamphlets (right now, I noticed a large number of First Saturday devotion information).

The parishioners are mixed. Too many people do not know how to dress in church, but many are very proper in church.

It is hard to give a number. The NO, the design of the building, and congretation would get a very low number, but the personal sanctity of the priests, the use of the building and the lack of any purposeful "progressiveness" would get a high number.
My current local parish would rate about a 3-4. 

The positives are the fact that we still have two priests (although one is in his late seventies), the sermons are usually orthodox (although they could often say a lot more than they do), many Catholic customs have been retained to a certain extent, a decent length of time is set aside for the Sacrament of Penance and by modern standards the two priests are pretty good confessors. 

The negatives are a lot more numerous, unfortunately.  The church building is a horrible 1960s monstrosity; we have several ecumenical services per year with local Protestant congregations; the music is awful (guitar Masses et al); the priests don't wear clerical clothes and are referred to by their first names; the sermons, whilst not heretical, are painfully inoffensive and full of feel-good mumbo jumbo; there are big felt banners around with airy-fairy drivel written on them; the priests give references of approval to Catholic teachers whom they know are lapsed and/or living in sin; the place is swarming with altar girls and Eucharistic ministers etc. etc.  It's a shame because the priests are basically good guys, especially the younger priest.  He seems to take his vocation seriously but has been poorly formed, i.e. he acts too much like a social worker as opposed to a fisherman of souls.  He also seems very concerned about the current state of the Church, but isn't interested in listening to what I think is the root of this problem.  You won't see a TLM there any time soon, that's for sure.

In my experience, it's basically an average parish within my diocese.  Some are slightly better, whilst some are worse.  E.g. my former parish would be lucky to merit a 1.  The sermons were terrible and sometimes contained outright heresy; the priests were more concerned with being "nice" and popular than anything else; my RCIA class contained heresy by the bucketload and  the confessions were awful.  And, whilst we didn’t have clown Masses or anything like that, there were liturgical abuses such as the curate dancing around the altar to pop music and the PP making his own little “improvements” to the bidding prayers – “We pray that all our parishioners who are away just now have a lovely holiday” was particularly cringeworthy.

The SSPX church I attend would get a 9.9 out of 10.  Nothing and nobody is perfect, but it’s as damn near to perfect as I’m currently going to find, that’s for sure.  Some of the people there aren’t particularly friendly and are a little holier-than-thou, but thankfully the majority are really nice.  And some of our priests, particularly the American ones, are of the Williamson school where things like avoiding modern music and women’s trousers are elevated to quasi-dogmatic status.  However, given the beautiful Masses, great confessions and solidly Catholic sermons we get, I’d really have a cheek to complain about anything!!
I'm a Latin Rite Catholic in a Byzantine parish with a wonderful priest..........He gets a 9.5 from me............
Overall he "GETS IT".................................Always helpful and traditional minded. A good confessor and preacher.......................(And extremely welcoming to traditional Latins)......................
My parish is Our Lady Help of Christians in Garden Grove California and I give it a 10+++.

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