For Devoted Knuckles
as o yesterday
Ardoyne me old home. i miss it so

Shots fired at police
14 baton rounds fired
Water cannon deployed
Petrol bombs and other missiles thrown
Two officers injured
Van pushed at police lines
Sinn Fein blame Real IRA for trouble TIOCFAIDH AR LA.
Firearm handed to police after children spotted playing with it


Minor trouble at return city centre parade
Missiles thrown
Trouble in Butcher's Gate
One police officer injured

Armagh GO LADS!

Device explodes on Friary Road
Petrol bombs thrown
Two cars stolen and set on fire
Four people arrested


Stones, petrol bombs thrown
Three police hurt
One arrested

ill do some checkin and see what happened today
thats all i got so far but ive been laid back today due to paranoia over vaccines
sip sip
Holy cow!  Can you find this by googling the Irish newspapers?  Or is there a special site?
well there are special sites but u see
there special.
so just maybe try google

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