I smoked a nice cigar today
It's my understanding that the reason why Cuban cigars were so desirable in the first place is that they are so-called "Puro" cigars, that is, made all in one place, from the cropping, to the cutting, to the sweating, to the storing, to the picking, to the rolling, to the packaging; and that this type of cigar is very rare due to logistical problems of being able to do all that in one place.  That's what I've read anyway. 
I'll agree that Cubans are severely over-rated, and priced accordingly. I've tried quite a few. But it's like some wines and Scotches, you blow extra money when it's a gift. I certainly wouldn't have bought the Cohibas to smoke myself.

Dominicans are good cigars, no doubt. But I smoked a box of Honduran Punch Rothschilds (Maduro) several years ago, and I enjoyed every one of them. Good tobacco is good tobacco.

I love a good smoke shop, especially the ones where you go in and the cigars are kept in a room built like a humidor. I don't smoke often, but I do enjoy a good cigar every once in a while. I had a cigar back in May that was pretty good, from a little smoke shop in Evanston, Wyoming. I wish I could remember what it was, but then my memory isn't quite that good.

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