Cardinal O'Brien on Nuclear Weapons
We should make sure all peoples and nations have access to nuclear weapons so they all can defend themselves.  Oh wait, only moral nations like Russia, China, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel, and uh, the US should have them. 

So, Epalinurus, why didn't Jesus exhort the Apostles to overthrow the Roman Empire, which Jesus knew would oppress his followers?  For that matter, why didn't Jesus use his power to dominate the world militarily?  Is that not your desire for the United States, that we have military power to dominate the whole world, morality be damned?  It seems to me that I heard somewhere that we should trust in God and do what is right and moral, and not do what we happen to think is expeditious militarily.  I have no desire for my country to be overrun by "our enemies", but trying to eliminate nuclear arsenals does not guarantee that would happen.  Are you one of those people who thinks a nuclear war could be won?  That's pretty foolish. 

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