Cardinal O'Brien on Nuclear Weapons
It does make sense, as a moral argument, but how is complete nuclear disarmament by all nations to be achieved?  The USA demands that Iran does not pursue nuclear armament, yet Iran and all other nuclear free countries live under the threat of USA, Israeli, British, French, Indian, North Korean, Chinese, and Russian nuclear arms.  Unless all nuclear weapons programmes are consigned to the dustbin, Iran has no option but to develop its own nuclear deterrent to maintain a balance of mutually assured destruction.  The  tragic condition of total war on non-combatants is anti-life, totally immoral and evil.  The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the biggest war-crime against non-combatants in history, with the possible exception of the allied bombing of Dresden, Germany.  

The Zionist development of atomic warfare was first tested on the areas of largest Catholic populations in Japan.  General MacArthur had received peace overtures of the offer of unconditional surrender by the Japanese High Command, a year previous to the dropping of the bomb.  His report was received by that poor excuse for an American President, Roosevelt, who completely ignored the report,  in order to allow the plan to drop the bomb to progress unhindered.  It has even been suggested, that the primary purpose of the display of explosive power was in order to force Stalin back on the program of internationalism, as he had adopted a policy of Bonapartism after he had utilised the opportunity to seize complete power during Trotsky's bout of ill-health.  Trotsky was to step into Lenin's shoes and Stalin's action had effectively bit the hand that fed him, Wall Street Zionism and the Communist cell that operated in the corridors of power in Washington.  Senator Joe McCarthy had their measure, and that is the real reason he has never ceased to be maligned by his enemies who control major media outlets including Hollywood.  RIP Senator McCarthy.

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