Cardinal O'Brien on Nuclear Weapons
(06-30-2009, 04:06 PM)Anthem Wrote:
(06-30-2009, 03:55 PM)DrBombay Wrote: Russia or China could take out every American carrier group with nuclear warheads.  That alone would be devastating to our military capability.  Add to those targets military bases, where they tend to have large groups of military personnel in a rather small area, and the damage grows.  Once that's accomplished, they wouldn't have to dump warheads on us.  Take out DC and New York and America would pretty much be brought to her knees.  Or, if you're the president, are you going to demand the sacrifice of more cities before you surrender?  Really?  Wow.

Or let's say we have no nuclear weapons but a militant Islamist state develops one.  Why should they nuke us?  Because we're infidels maybe? 

You assume that we would deploy our troops and equipment exactly the same as we do now, if we were to get rid of nuclear weapons?  Why would we do that?  We would have to develop a totally different set of strategies. 

So an Islamic state develops a nuclear weapon.  They still have to deliver it.  You underestimate the ease of development of an accurate ICBM.  Perhaps they can get one off, but if we have focussed on energies on an anti-missle system, we could probably shoot it down.  Even if one hit us, it would not destroy us entirely. 

You seem to think that I imply the US ought to render itself defenseless if it also decides to unilaterally disarm itself of nuclear weapons.  I still say that Russia would still have to invade and conquer the US state by state, even if it chose to use a nuclear strike.  Not an easy process.  Russia couldn't even subdue Afghanistan with its mighty military.  Certainly they could subdue us by nuking every major city or every major military base, but I think you forget what a wasteland that would leave behind.

I think they could subdue us by nuking one city if we didn't have the capability to respond in kind.  One.  I ask again, if you were the president and one city was nuked with more threatened, would you surrender or not?  What would Obama do? 

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