Cardinal O'Brien on Nuclear Weapons
anthem missile shields are rubbish. they are a pipe dream. do you really believe you can shoot down an incoming ICBM at entry with what? even the much hyped old patriot systems did not shoot down as much as the propaganda said and with conventional warheads sure there is some room for error but with a multiple warhead nuke the error would be "opps there goes new york and surrounding areas and d.c. et al but hey at least  they didn't destroy all of us." that kinda error cannot not be acceptable.
to put your nations safety in the hands of a defensive system is absurd because it cedes the initiative, and any defensive system can be beat. MADD makes more sense because then your nation cannot be attacked without consequences.
look japan was nuked into surrendering a city at a time. first Hiroshima then Nagasaki. that same precedent could happen to the states if ti disarmed.
think about it. the world is not a fantasy. its a harsh place.

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