Cardinal O'Brien on Nuclear Weapons
(06-30-2009, 04:28 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: anthem to bring up A-stan in this discussion is absurd again. your full of them. if the states had no nukes of any kind all an enemy would have to do is pick off American cities one by one. until America surrenders.

And then there would be no resources left for the taking.  Russia would still have to come occupy us.  The aftermath of widespread nuclear attacks would not be pretty and would leave little worth Russia's time and energy.  I maintain that Russia would not need to subdue us if we had no nukes that could threaten them.  If we have resources they want, they will have to attack us and take them by a ground war.

devotedknuckles Wrote:the soviets didn't do this to A-stan because of the deterrent. A-stan didn't have nukes but America did.
anyway the mere point were talking about ti shows the deterrent actually worked.
nukes are not immoral in themselves further maybe we should really address the real moral gut rot of society. nukes are not it. they are a red hearing, a convenient diversion

You mean the USSR didn't nuke Afghanistan because they were afraid we would nuke them?  The USSR didn't nuke Afghanistan because they wanted control over oil resources in central Asia.  They didn't want to leave a nuclear wasteland but just wanted to wrest control of the region from the Islamists.  If the USSR had nuked Afghanistan the US would have just said, "You idiots.  Glad you didn't decide to nuke Saudistan."  We would never have nuked the USSR over Afghanistan.

I never said that nuclear weapons were the source of the moral rot of society.  However, I cannot see how possessing and maintaining a huge nuclear arsenal is really making the US safer.  If you ask me, it makes us a Goliath just waiting for some little David to come along to try to knock us off.  Not that that would happen, but it makes us more of a target.  The biggest problem in our history has been our willingness to meddle in other countries' affairs.  It's obvious none of our foreign policy exploits have gained us more safety.

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