Cardinal O'Brien on Nuclear Weapons
(07-02-2009, 02:04 PM)rbjmartin Wrote:
(07-01-2009, 11:15 AM)epalinurus Wrote: Keeping in mind a US military history far different from (far less aggressive than) the belligerent countries seeking or possessing nuclear capability, you cannot equate US possession of nuclear arms with North Korean or Iranian possession of nuclear arms, because their purposes in possessing them is far different from the US's.  

How can you be so sure when we live under a Zionist-controlled government?  Do you really think the goals of the ruling class coincide with the goals of the American people?  How are the goals of fanatical Zionists and neocons any less deranged or evil than the goals of Iran or North Korea?

I would just as soon have the US stripped of all nuclear weapons as almost any other country.  After all, we're the only ones with the moral depravity to have justified actually using them, and that makes us one of the worst threats to peace in the world.

1. I don't accept your premise re "Zionist control."  I don't know who the ruling class is and what its goals are; and, even if you are right, we're still a democratic republic, and we can throw them out, if their goals are depraved.  I don't know what these plans are either; in any event, assuming they are evil and deranged, I don't see how those plans make the evil of the Iranians and North Koreans any less problematic.     

2.  The US use in WW2 was not a means to world conquest or to subject a free people to our evil domination; it was a prelude to ending that country's plans of conquest and its intention to continuing to wage their immoral war, and a prelude to the US building a free society, which it did and then left.  Also, for the reasons I've expressed above, I believe the US possession of nukes to have been a peacekeeper, not a threat to peace. 

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