Cardinal O'Brien on Nuclear Weapons
If the good Cardinal could see that modernism's weapons of MASS destruction (Vatican II and the 1960s) has done the world far more harm than nukes ever have then I'd be more inclined to believe him.

Does the Cardinal offer the old rite of Mass?

The truth is staring him in the face.  Mass attendance, empty seminaries, 90% of "Catholic" couples using contraception of one kind or another.

If he can't see that, then in my opinion he is either faithless, bad willed or a fool.

Why trust the judgement of such men on military. political and strategic issues when they cannot even do their job properly in the religious realm?

A nuclear bomb has killed a billion souls since the 1960s and these fools still insist it was "new Springtime" and a good thing for the Church.  Are they mad?

I don't trust their judgement on anything.

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