Let's get moving to save St Lucy's. If you are in north Jersey then come help!
It is time to really turn up the heat..... we need to be heard ! ! !

Please send this email to the following addresses.................







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Dear Mr Huddy..... Fox News

I am particularly concerned about the comments from Mr Jim Goodness of the Newark Archdiocese.

He indicated  that they require a clean break when a new pastor takes over.  Perhaps you need to hear the real truth.

There is a priest for pastor at Good Counsel Church in Newark just a few miles from St Lucys.  His name is Monsignor Plunket.  He is retired and is was allowed to stay at the parish as a priest in residence.    Why is there different rules for Monsignor Granato. 
What is the hidden agenda of the Newark Archdiocese?
This is something you and your viewers might find interesting?

Below is a memo that for your review. 
Review the websites...................

JOIN US _ we will give you the guided tour and introduce you to all of our parish family...


Paul Perillo

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Subject: 062509 Friends of St Lucy's *** Important***

Hello all,
We are asking a very small favor... St. Lucy's Church in Newark, NJ is under attack.

The Archbishop wants to get rid of our pastor/friend/priest Msgr. Granato after serving there for 54 years.    ALL WE ARE ASKING IS TO ALLOW THIS GREAT MAN TO BE ALLOWED TO LIVE as a priest in residence at St Lucys his home for 54 Years...

So PLEASE join us,  we are going to have a peaceful/prayerful rally/protest to help.

Sunday June 28, 2009 from 11am-1pm. We are going to march from St. Lucy's Church (118 Seventh Avenue in Newark, NJ) to the Sacred Heart Basilica on Clifton Ave in Newark (about 3 block distance). We need a lot of people. We had our first rally a couple of weeks ago and had about 750 people but we need a lot more help...

Please pass the word on and please try to make it and bring some family or friends too. All races and faiths are welcome.  Friends, the future of St. Lucy's Church hangs in the balance. The St. Lucy's parish family would appreciate your support.

If you want to know more info and details about what's going on, please check out our website and youtube. 

I sincerely apologize if you received this email more than once or have received it in error...

Paul Perillo


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